Hole #1

Get Loose Quick

Hole #1
Par 5 565/524/433 Yards

Get Loose Quick and Enjoy the View

Par 5 to tee it high and let it fly with the wind at your back. Being a Par 5 to start gives golfers a chance to start with a birdie and get groups to spread out. With the green sloping away from you, it’s better to be long to have an uphill putt. Enjoy the views but plenty more to come.

Advice on this hole from our members:

A Long par 5. The wide fairway should help you be able to keep it in the fairway. There’s a good chance it will be hard to reach in 2 so you may want to play 2 comfortable shots to green. This green is fast and easy to roll off the back. If you are long coming back up to the pin, be firm to the hole.
Sandy Shivas

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