Hole #12

Risk and Reward

Hole #12
Par 4 358/342/304 Yards

Hole #12

This shorter Par 4 gives the golfer lots of decisions to make. Try to drive over the pond or lay up? It’s about 230 yards slightly downhill and usually downwind to clear the pond, but a straight drive is essential because the closer to the green the narrower things get! Lay up with a iron towards the 150 marker will give you a mid iron to hit the 3 level green rather than a short wedge or a possible putt for eagle for the big hitters. Scores have big variations in this hole!

Advice on this hole from our members:

Depending on your drive you may want to take on this pond . It is about 180 yds in the air to clear. If that is not doable then there is room on the left of the pond. Either way you go, your next shot to the green is best if hit in the front and let run on. Going off the back of the left side can be disastrous.
Sandy Shivas

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