Hole #17

No Rest For The Weary!

Hole #17
Par 4 402/378/238 Yards

Hole #17

This 370 yard Par 4 comes up two levels. The tee shot requires 220 yards from the whites to get you to first which will give you a 140-150 yard second. Don’t make it and you can be looking at 200 yards uphill and again into the wind. Make it to this enormous green and unless you’re close you can be looking at a 3 putt. This makes this hole the #1 handicap hole at Holland Heights.

Advice on this hole from our members:

It is difficult to get your drive across this green. Best to try and place between the hedge row and the pond. This is a tricky green. If the pin is in the front don’t play at it as your shot will roll off back at you. Go past the pin. It is a deep green so if the pin is in the back keep that in mind and shoot accordingly.
Sandy Shivas

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