Hole #18

Finish Strong

Hole #18
Par 5 508/422/356 Yards

Hole #18

This hole is a Par 5, playing 510 from the blue tees and about 460 from the whites. Hole #18 is a dogleg left playing uphill and usually into the wind. Bigger hitters can reach the green, which is guarded by two pot hole bunkers, in two. When you make it to this huge green and putt out, stop and enjoy the views from the highest point at Holland Heights.

Advice on this hole from our members:

Don't try to cut the corner on your drive even if seems tempting. That corner is thicker that appears from the Tee box. Stay as close to the corner as possible to leave yourself less than 200 yards to the green. This is uphill and you may want to consider clubbing up. A good 2nd shot may get you there or just short of the green. This is another large green, pay attention to where the pin is so you don't have a very long possible birdie putt.
Sandy Shivas

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