Hole #3

Dangers Abound!

Hole #3
Par 4 383/361/301 Yards

Hole #3 -Two Back to Back Good Shots Required

Tough tee shot with trees left and right with prevailing winds blowing left to right making right handed players slices even more troublesome! Now your second shot requires the right club selection. I suggest grabbing one more than you think to hit an elevated, shallow green with waterfront to the left and trouble all around. The green is built on an old house fountain with the old Maple trees surrounding the back of the green that once were around the house.

Advice on this hole from our members:

For your drive a great spot to aim is the maple tree on the left side of fairway. This fairway goes left to right when you hit it. Easy to have a shot go out on the right if you don't give it room. Your 2nd shot, give yourself enough club to hit the green very easy to play short on the hill in front. Not a fun chip if you do. Play your putt to try to go back toward the valley.
Sandy Shivas

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